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Publicity has proven itself the most cost-effective, lucrative and powerful tool for client attraction and retention. No wonder you're eager to get your foot in the media door!

Ready to embark on this journey with Jill?

Don’t waste your time and money with strategies that don’t work. Learn from the expert. As your personal publicity consultant, Jill will help you leverage every facet of your business to fuel your business success.

Supercharge your business with free media exposure that blasts out the word about your company, products, books and services...

Become a Media Magnet with the Irresistible Stories the Press Wants Now... in Just One Day in cities across the US and internationally or attend in the comfort of your home or office as a Live Online Class!

Discover the powerhouse crash course that will have the media and new clients banging down your doors in just weeks, begging for your renowned expertise and assistance!


"Jumped My Business Revenues"

"One of Jill's ideas quickly created a significant jump in my business revenues. Her coaching was effective, strategic and right on the money!!"

Charlotte MacIlraith,

Ceramic Tile Refinishers


Help Me Build My Buzz

"Taking Jill's Crash Course in Publicity taught me specific strategies and provided easy-to-use templates that help me build buzz about my business and attract perfect customers on radio interviews, in-person networking and Social Networks."

Julia D. Stege,

MFA GraphicGirlz.com

It’s Disturbing When Very Few People Have Heard of You.

You know you have a great product or service – and you’ve worked hard to gain the trust of your customers. And, we all know, people buy from people they trust!

Moreover …

If they know you and trust you, they are very likely to be willing to pay more.


it’s really hard to get your message heard by the right people. Yeah, you can buy recognition through advertising, but that doesn’t necessarily mean trust. And advertising is ex-pen-sive!

The alternative 

What if there was a way that you could be that company who everybody has heard of, that is always part of the conversation, and is trusted even by people who haven’t actually experienced its product? What if there was something that can increase your business exponentially at a very low cost? Sound impossible? It’s not.

It’s Called PR-Driven Sales

And Jill can teach you how its done. ...And most importantly you get it done while you're in her course.

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Had Me Glued to My Seat!

"Jill is amazing! Her Crash Course on Publicity had me glued to my seat waiting to write down her next insider tip or media contact. If you want your business to take off and get the publicity it deserves you must work with Jill."

Yasmine Mc Grane,


Helped Me Gain National Notoriety

"By following Jill's step-by-step action plan, I have increased my media exposure and speaking engagements, and have gained notoriety as a national expert on asset protection and tax reduction strategies."

Cheri S. Hill,

President, CEO, Sage International, INC

I’m Jill Lublin - a four time Best Selling author

I've spoken to audiences on five continents about publicity, referrals and the power of kindness.  For over 20 years, I have trained executives, sales teams, and  marketing departments as well as small to mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs,  coaches, consultants, speakers and authors the business of public relations and how they can gain  recognition, influence, trust, and new business – simply by:

  • Being quoted in the press
  • Speaking in front of your target market
  • And – most important – crafting your message so that it’s picked up by the media, received by your target market - and then acted upon

While you're not able to talk one on one to each individual prospect for your business, though the power of publicity you gain the ability to spread your message far and and wide. Without publicity, most businesses simply are not able to reach enough prospects to achieve their sales objectives. ...Its all about leverage.

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Now maybe you think you’re not ready for a publicity blitz. Or maybe, conversely, you’ve tried PR before (maybe even hired an agency) and got nothing ...yuk!

As to the first concern, I can only ask – Can you afford not to be ready? Don’t you owe it to your business to utilize every tactic that could gain you recognition, trust, and increase sales. And what’s the potential cost of not introducing your business to the widest circle of prospects? Inestimable. Incalculable. And as to the second concern, this is really so important to get it right. If it didn't work before, something wasn't done correctly, now’s the time to fix it.

Before I started showing people how they could do their own publicity, I ran a PR agency. We charged our clients between $3000 to $5000 PER MONTH! For campaigns of up to 6 months - and we got them great results. Most PR firms charge between $5-10k per month.

When I wrote the bestselling book, Guerrilla Publicity, I knew there must be a better way to reach more people and have greater impact leveraging the power of publicity. NOW YOU get the benefit of my years of experience - and you don't have to pay anything close to what my agency used to charge.

Here’s How

Attend Jill's one-day Publicity Crash Course or attend an online live course where you'll participate with an intimate group of participants, where Jill shares all her pr tips and tactics and YOU learn to be a PR master.

When you attend:

  • You leave with four templates you can use for the life of your business and three documents done!
  • You leave with accelerated confidence because you learn to speak your own message more clearly and simply – so that you become the go-to-resource for the press.
  • You end up understanding and being educated about the world of PR, and how you can leverage it to help your business.
  • All the strategies of publicity and media relations are de-mystified for you.

During the course you will create and plan your own strategic publicity campaign, including follow-up techniques, that you can begin to implement immediately.

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In addition, you receive Jill's PR templates that you can use again and again. And, using these templates – with Jill’s help – you will create:

  • An engaging bio that will get you noticed, including your back-end story that will resonate with the media and your audience
  • Your own personalized message that will get you media coverage
  • The all-important announcement or description of your company or service that will appeal to prospects’ emotional triggers, a clear description of your business, and the reasons why prospects should trust you and buy from you.

No Kidding Solutions that Rock

"Jill delivers! ...templates, systems, step by step - here's what to do instruction, no kidding solutions that rock, and NO FLUFF. Take Jill's training and don't look back."

PJ Van Hulle,

Real Prosperity Inc.

Jill, This Sounds Great. When and Where Are You Teaching?

Every month, I teach in a different city. If I am not coming to a city close to you, no worries. You have the alternative of taking one of my monthly Live Online Classes in the comfort of your own home or office. (And... if you have a group of people that can benefit from my program, we can schedule my course in your city.) And by signing up you get an additional bonus of attending the Live Online Course as a refresher for a truly impactful learning experience.

Jill, your Crash Course sounds like it'll really benefit my business but I have a staff person or partner that is more hands-on. Can I send them instead?

Not a problem - you can both attend, FOR THE SAME PRICE, I want to make sure that you receive maximum value from attending my Publicity Crash Course and for that reason, I want you to bring a partner or staff person so that you can both attend and work together during - and after - my course.

Great, The Only Thing Left is – How Much?

Let’s put this into perspective. The cost of a dedicated sales force to schedule one-on- one calls with prospects could cost $50,000 per sales person – not to mention the cost and time involved managing a sales team. An ad in a business magazine could easily cost up to $10,000 – and might not pierce the advertising clutter – or even be believed.

The cost for a dedicated PR campaign can easily cost you $3000 to $7000 per month for several months.

The investment in my Publicity Crash Course is: $1,297, or two payments of $673.50, with multiple dates and locations available. Put into perspective again, this entire cost could be off-set by a single new client!

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When prospects see your name in the news, they trust you. It may seem strange but – you are endowed with immediate authority, familiarity, and credibility. Knowing your name is the beginning of trusting your name and buying from you.


I Wish I Had Worked With Jill Sooner!

"The advice on developing a press release alone is worth a 100 times the price working with her ... I wish I had worked with Jill sooner, instead of trying to do it on my own for so many years."

Bette Daust,

Author of the bestseller Blueprint for Networking

Jill Lublin is the Gold Standard

"Jill Lublin is the gold standard when it comes to understanding the true nature of publicity and how to get the most of it while getting the most from it."

Jay Conrad Levinson,

Author of best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series

Jill's Course Helped Us Land Company Placements

"Jill Lublin has been a valued member of our pitching team since we launched CarClub.com. Her persistent and effective pitching has landed our company placements with the likes of AP, Bloomberg, USA Today and CBS Radio."

Ivy Cohen,

VP, Public and Investor Relations, J.D. Powers Club, Inc.

One Article in a Local Paper Resulted in Three Speaking Engagements

“Jill's training has been instrumental in my results with the media in Houston. One article in a local paper resulted in three speaking engagements! Now I'm using that one article to leverage broader media attention. Most recently I was featured in a prime time news slot on a major Fox station. Thank you for encouraging me to contact media with my story!”

Elisa Hays,

Leadership Trainer

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It Will Shift Your Perspective on What PR Really Is

"I've been to every workshop you could possibly imagine. Jill's course has been invaluable. ... It will shift your perspective on what PR really is."

Stephanie Beeby,

Founder of In Flow CEO Consulting

Jill's Crash Course is fabulous!

"I've had a huge take-away... Jill's Crash Course is fabulous! Go study with Jill, she knows what she's talking about."

Kim Tucker Hodous,

The Kitchen Table CEO, Fayetteville, AR

Her Message Will Help You Transform Your Business

"Jill Lublin spoke to our chapter about, 'being the news.' Jill is top-notch. She knows how to be precise, make it fun, and make people want to promote their business, I highly recommend Jill and her message will help you to transform our business."

Meeting Planner Lisa Coffey

eWomen Network, Colorado Springs, CO

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