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From Jill Lublin, Master Publicity Strategist and Media Insider

Dear Friend,

Do you realize the explosion in Electronic Media has created the greatest demand for stories in history, making public relations the biggest, fastest-growing opportunity for attracting new customers to your business?

The media NEEDS interesting stories. And in exchange, they provide tremendous exposure for your business exposure that's essentially free advertising for your business or organization.

Being featured in the media drives profits to your business and prospects to your door. That kind of exposure can take your business to the next level seemingly overnight!

One of Jill's ideas quickly created a significant jump in my business revenues. Her coaching was effective, strategic and right on the money!
Charlotte MacIlraith, Ceramic Tile Refinishers

Publicity has proven itself the most cost-effective, lucrative and powerful tool for client attraction and retention. No wonder you're eager to get your foot in the media door!

If you ever watch the news, or read the paper very closely, you'll notice that virtually everything in it is about people ... people just like YOU.

You'll see busy professionals just like yourself -business professionals, non-profit leaders, authors, chiropractors, small business owners and consultants from every location and industry using publicity to grow their businesses and professional careers.

As a matter of fact, whether you realize it or not, "You're the news!" And the media will feature you... if you know how to create and plant a unique story to attract it.

Finally, there's a quick and easy way to get everything you need to put the media to work for you - a proven system that you can duplicate and replicate, tools you can use over and over to get FREE media exposure and a supply of new customers for the lifetime of your business!


Jill Lublin's
Crash Course in Publicity

In this course, you'll get

My personal focus on your business, so that you leave with your unique message and story angle the media is looking for;

Four done-for-you templates you can use again and again for the most important promotion tools so that you leave with a system you can replicate time and again to create more media exposure;

My one-on-one attention and support as you fill in the templates to create your bio, unique message, press release and announcement, so that you'll leave with the four tools you need to get the media to say yes to you;

Specific media training to prepare you for interviews so that you connect with reporters and reach audiences, first time, every time; and

All your questions answered so that you can carry out your campaign quickly, easily and inexpensively.

You can accomplish all this in just one day because the Crash Course in Publicity gives you private and exclusive access to my laser-focused attention. We meet in a very intimate setting with limited seating. This means you get lots of one-on one-time where I focus only on you.

I'm going to think for you. I'm going to work for you. Plus, the templates are done for you! Its already created. You don't have to do it yourself. You ll walk away with the four most important documents you need to get the media to say yes to you!

Taking Jill'sCrash Course in Publicity taught me specific strategies and provided easy-to-use templates that help me build buzz about my business and attract perfect customers on radio interviews, in-person networking and Social Networks.
Julia D. Stege, MFA GraphicGirlz.com

After the publicity crash course, you'll

Know for certain that you can craft your message so that the public and press will
embrace it;

Confidently create the strategic Publicity Campaign that will get the results you want;

Carry out your campaign quickly and effectively, because you'll know exactly what to do to get the greatest results!

By following Jill's step-by-step action plan, I have increased my media exposure and speaking engagements, and have gained notoriety as a national expert on asset protection and tax reduction strategies.
Cheri S. Hill, President, CEO, Sage International, INC

You ll leave the Crash Course in Publicity with four done-for-you, replicable templates, including:

Your first strategic campaign, so you can launch it immediately;
Your first press release, so you can start attracting attention right away;
Your first announcement, so you get that I've heard of you somewhere buzz;
Your professional bio, so you'll be recognized as the expert you are;
My sure-fire distribution and follow-up techniques, so you can stay at the top of
reporters minds
as the easy-to-work-with expert in your field.

You also get easy-to-follow scripts so that when a reporter calls, you know exactly what to say - and what not to say! You'll get those seven-second sound bites so you'll never feel like a deer in the headlights again!

I created the Crash Course in Publicity so you can learn the "insider" basics to publicity and self-promotion in just a few hours ... rather than months of study ... or listening to CDs ... or reading a pile of books.

Can't travel? Choose the Live Zoom Webinar and you can get all the same personal attention and powerful, done-for-you documents while you sit conveniently and comfortably in front of your own computer!

In the course, I take all the guesswork out of publicity for you! You don't have to think - its done for you!


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The Step-by-Step System Anyone Can Use Again
and Again to Attract Free Publicity and Grow their
Small Business or Non-profit
Why is using publicity often a better alternative for building businesses, making sales or increasing cash flow than relying on traditional forms of advertising and direct mail? Because do-it-yourself publicity is the most cost-effective and powerful way to establish credibility and stature in the marketplace. Its the most lucrative and magnetic client attraction tool you can have. There is nothing that matches it.

If someone hears you on the radio, reads about your business in a magazine, or sees your product, service or project on television, then you gain an instant spike in credibility.

All of sudden, without making any promises (or even having a track record), you appear to be the "go-to person" for your particular product, service or industry.

The visibility you achieve within the press and media instantly establishes you as an expert. Your credibility goes through the roof. And you're able to easily pull people into your store, office or practice without spending a fortune on advertising.


Publicity created the life of my dreams for Ryan Yee.
When Ryan was downsized from his corporate job, his prospects for finding work appeared to be dim. In addition, he'd just purchased a new home. Then, there was the family to support ... along with his new mortgage.

What Ryan really wanted to do at this point was leave the corporate job market and start his own consulting practice. But with no track record, he wondered how he'd be able to get new clients to hire him. So Ryan came to me and asked if I could help.

After listening to Ryan's story, I began to think about how I could craft it into something the media would grab a hold of. And then it hit me.

"Ryan," I said, "You're going to make a VOW!"

"A what?" he asked.

I replied, "You're going to take a VOW ... never to work for anyone else again; and this V.O.W. stands for what you are now ... a Virtual Office Warrior."

I quickly wrote a press release for Ryan entitled, "Corporate worker makes a VOW never to work again ... and becomes a virtual office warrior."

The release went on to talk about how Ryan is now a consultant, who started his own company with a virtual office for serving corporate clients within his industry.

That REALLY got the press' attention. After our planted "news story" broke, Ryan immediately started getting calls from both local and national media organizations. He was interviewed multiple times, on Mac Home Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, his local Daily Paper and the list goes on, and thousands of people heard about him as a result.

And the best part is ... because of this publicity ... Ryan quickly landed brand new clients, and his business became lucrative almost overnight.

What's interesting is, the media story I crafted for Ryan really didn't have anything to do with his new consulting company. Just the fact he was able to get media exposure let companies know about him ... and his services.

You see, the media publicity built Ryans credibility. FAST.

He was able to go into companies and show them "his story"in newspapers and magazines. This made it easy for him to land big contracts, because in the minds of those hiring him, Ryan was a "credible" person to do business with.

After all, he'd been featured many times in the press ... hadn't he? I've seen this happen time and again. And it will change your business life too, because...


Getting Press Whenever You Want it is a Powerful Skill.
Successful people regularly use the media to position themselves as experts. Just like Ryan did.

If you're a consultant, real estate seller, mortgage broker, speaker, author, entrepreneur or non-profit spokesperson (and you're quoted or featured in the media) then you immediately gain status as an industry expert.

And all you need to get that kind of exposure is to apply the skills you'll learn and the tools you get in my Crash Course in Publicity.


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"Jill is amazing! Her Crash Course on Publicity had me glued to my seat waiting to write down her next insider tip or media contact. If you want your business to take off and get the publicity it deserves you must work with Jill."
Yasmine Mc Grane, www.maisonreve.com


Your Crash Course in Publicity Sounds Great, Jill, but How Much Does it Cost?
Remember that in just one day, you'll learn the skills and get the tools you'll be able to use to create a steady flow of new customers for your business for as long as you like!

If you wanted to hire someone to do this for you, a typical commitment is $3,500 to $5,000 a month for six months - thats $15,000 to $60,000! Thats still an excellent value when you consider the priceless benefit of media exposure: It not only boosts your business to the next level, but it makes you an expert in your field - credibility you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

But few small businesses have that kind of money to invest. That's why I created the Crash Course in Publicity. I've seen how the power of the media can change peoples lives for the better, and I want to make that power available to you!

So before we go on, let me ask you: considering that with the Crash Course in Publicity you'll be completely confident and prepared to promote yourself into traditional media as well as all the emerging forms of new media, what would the ability to reach and attract a virtually unlimited number of new customers, to permanently establish your credibility as an undisputed expert, and to create thousands in new income be worth to you? Five thousand dollars? Ten thousand?

Because I want to see you living your dream building your business or non-profit as fast as you can manage, I am knocking $1617 off our already reasonable price of $2,444 and offering it to you for the low one-time fee of just $1297.

And to make it an even better deal, you'll receive these SIX powerful bonuses absolutely free when you sign up today.

Bonus #1 Bring a Friend for Free!

Get double the learning by bringing your business partner or assistant with you to the Crash Course in Publicity! What that means to you is, you can get help in implementing your new campaign immediately! Split the cost with your partner and you can keep each other accountable. When you both know how to create a successful publicity campaign, you can do more campaigns than you could by yourself, and work together to make the most of every campaign you launch!

Bonus #2 2 Free Tickets to T. Harv Eker's "Millionaire Mind Intensive"

Learn the "Secret Psychology of Wealth" from the author of the blockbuster, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind." In three extraordinary days, Eker reveals the specific strategies millionaires use to create wealth for themselves. But he doesn't stop there! Eker and his guests pull back the curtain and demonstrate tactics for achieving high-income ... including 12 ways to generate passive revenue streams. They show you how it's possible to generate wealth quickly, and unveil an easy money-management system that not only lets you to save a fortune, but allows you to play at the same time.

(Normally a $1,995 retail value, you get a pair of tickets free with your registration).

Bonus #3 The "20 Free Media Leads" Special Report

Do you know it's easy to generate free publicity by simply placing articles in the right directories? Well, you can! And this report shows you how. I put this exclusive report together with the help of a Publicity colleague of mine. She runs an article directory exclusively devoted to Publicity. You'll find out how to easily craft an article around a unique story (and where to place it free of charge) so the media will come calling.

(A $29.95 value ... but yours free when you attend the Crash Course in Publicity).

BONUS #4 A Business Package for Growth and Success

Every Crash Course in Publicity event allows me to give away a few of my favorite business and self-help materials. Among those you'll receive throughout our day is the best-selling book Growing Your Business from the distinguished expert Mark Leblanc. Along with these, I always hand out business discounts and free tickets to events I know you'll have great benefit from attending that will save you thousands of dollars in the marketplace. These treats are a just a few of the unique freebies in store for you when you join the course.


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Our mission at Promising Promotion is to help you expand your exposure and visibility in the media, so that YOU can exert the powerful, positive influence and provide the solutions our world so desperately needs today. We want YOU to have the power to make the world a better place. So I've loaded the Crash Course in Publicity with every strategy, tactic, process, tool, tip and trick you'll need to get the media to say yes to you over and over again.

In fact, I'm proud to say that this is the ONLY program that ensures you'll leave with the four tools and follow-up system you need to launch a successful media campaign a campaign that costs you virtually nothing, yet gives you instant credibility and visibility.

Its such an amazing opportunity, in an intimate setting with such limited seating that I'm sure it will sell out quickly. You need to move ahead and sign up now!

I know how great it is to move ahead with confidence. And I'm so confident in the Crash Course in Publicity that Promising Promotion backs it with...


Our No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee
I am absolutely certain that the Crash Course in Publicity and the bonuses will be an immensely valuable step forward for you one that will give you the power to use the media over and over to drive new prospects to your business!

So take the morning to evaluate the course. If for any reason you are NOT satisfied that you will leave with all the systems and tools you need to get media attention, just let me know before lunch and we will issue a prompt refund - No Questions Asked!


Registration is limited at all venues
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"The advice on developing a press release alone is worth a 100 times the price working with her ... I wish I had worked with Jill sooner, instead of trying to do it on my own for so many years."
Bette Daust, author of the bestseller Blueprint for Networking

"Jill Lublin is the gold standard when it comes to understanding the true nature of publicity and how to get the most of it while getting the most from it."
Jay Conrad Levinson, author of best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series

"Jill Lublin has been a valued member of our pitching team since we launched CarClub.com last spring. Her persistent and effective pitching has landed our company placements with the likes of AP, Bloomberg, USA Today and CBS Radio."
Ivy Cohen, VP, Public and Investor Relations, J.D. Powers Club, Inc.

So take the right step forward and put your business on the fast track with FREE media exposure today!


YES, I want to grab my seat at the exciting Crash Course in Publicity right now!

I want to get my business on the fast track with the hottest business growth strategy for FREE media exposure!

For my low investment of just $1297 today, I will get:

Jill's personal attention on my business, so that I leave with my unique message and the exact story angle the media is looking for;

Four done-for-me templates for the most important tools in promoting my business, so that I leave with a system I can replicate time and again to create more media exposure;

Jill's one-on-one attention and support as I easily fill in the templates to create my bio, unique message, press release and announcement, so that I leave with the four tools I need to get the media to say YES!

Specific media training to prepare me for interviews so that I connect with reporters and reach audiences, first time, every time;

Proven strategies for crafting my messages so that the public and press will embrace them;

My first strategic Publicity Campaign designed to get the results I want and ready to launch immediately;

The skills to carry out my campaign quickly and effectively;

My first press release, so I can start attracting attention right away;

My professional bio, so Ill be recognized for my leading expertise;

Your sure-fire follow-up techniques, so I can stay at the top of reporters minds as the easy-to-work-with expert in my field.

PLUS Ill receive the SIX Powerful Bonus Gifts:

BONUS #1 Bring a Friend for Free so my partner or assistant can help me implement my new campaign immediately!

BONUS #2 - 2 Free Tickets to T. Harv Eker's "Millionaire Mind Intensive," so I can strengthen my entrepreneurial skills;

BONUS #3 - The "20 Free Media Leads" Special Report, so I can use article directories to attract even more media attention; and

BONUS #4 - A Business Package for Growth and Success, so I can get expert insight on business development save hundreds of dollars on services in the marketplace.

Just click the Order button below to reserve your seat at the One Day Crash Course in Publicity immediately!

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You've always known the potential of your business was unlimited - that's one of the reasons you got started! But you just haven't seen the way to connect to an affordable, life-changing way drive your business growth... until today!

Now you've seen the quick and simple way to plug into the proven, inexpensive way to promote your business, all that's left is for you to take action... because you deserve it!

I look forward to meeting you during the Crash Course in Publicity, and working out the wonderful ways you can influence the world through publicity!

I promise you'll be glad you did.

Jill Lublin
President JillLublin.com

P.S. #1 You cant wait on these seats they are extremely limited at every course and they're going fast! Grab your seat now before the venue you want sells out!

P.S. #2 Remember there is no risk in signing up for the Crash Course in Publicity, thanks to our money-back guarantee. That's the reason to grab your seat for the Crash Course in Publicity today!

P.S. #3 Don't forget, you can double the value of the course by bringing your business partner or assistant absolutely FREE!

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